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Marvin Edeas - a Visiting Professor with the Cochin Institute

Marvin Edeas (Justia) conducts studies in nephrology patients and studies how microbiota metabolites effect the mitochondrial activity of those patients. He has been a visiting professor at Paris Descartes University (Cochin Institute), ever since the year 2016. Marvin Edeas regularly works with CNRS, INSERM and Paris Descartes University in the Development, Reproduction and Cancer Department (DRC).

The use of an oyster enzyme hydrolyzate in a composition that modulates oxidative stress and gets rid of free radicals is what the patents Marvin Edeas filed had to do with. A start-up was launched in order to promote the peptide thanks to these patents. In the United States and Europe, Marvin Edeas has filed two patents. Oyster hydrolyzate has applications in the areas of medicine, cosmetology and dietetics.

The six years he spent at Antoine Béclère Hospital helped him to investigate the latency mechanisms of the HIV virus in patients who are HIV-positive, along with the activation factors. At the Paris Descartes University, Marvin Edeas pointed out the impact of oxidative stress and co-infections in HIV patients. Back when the first clinical study on the effects of antiretroviral therapy on lactic acidosis and hyperlactatemia occurred, Marvin Edeas was a participant.

Chair of the French Society (SFA) and International Society of Antioxidants (ISANH) and Founder of the World Mitochondria Society (WMS)

Marvin Edeas, ISANH and the SFA strive to transfer their research to real applications whether cosmetic or nutritional. The SFA is devoted to encouraging the utilisation of antioxidants in nutrition and health, including their use in therapeutic and preventative treatments. Through the SFA, he encourages exchanges and cooperation between biologists, researchers, doctors, industrialists and public health actors, etc. Marvin Edeas chairs the French Society of Antioxidants (SFA).

The Past of Marvin Edeas

In the Department of Internal Medicine at Pitié Salpêtrière, he worked on gastrointestinal diseases. At Paris-Descartes University, Marvin Edeas focused on infectious diseases. During the beginning of the nineties, he was employed by Armand Trousseau Hospital in the Department of Pulmonary Diseases. The Superoxide Dismutase Enzymes (SOD) resting at the heart of his work, Marvin Edeas, along with Joe McCord, planned the first world congress on the issue at the Pasteur Institute.

Marvin Edeas’ Works and Publications

Back in 2015, Marvin Edeas authored two reference works on the subject of mitochondrial medicine. A number of books and publications have been penned by him. Along with his own publications, the research conducted by Marvin Edeas is very often the subject of content in the press.